The Bob Beck Protocol

Featuring a Health Program for Use at Home

This DVD set brings to life the discovery of the use of gentle electricity for health as well as offering a complete guide to the use of the Beck Protocol, a program for health.

The first DVD features a rare interview with Bob Beck, the genius who grasped the significance of a discovery at a major medical university in the US—a discovery that quickly disappeared after it was announced. Fortunately, news of the discovery ignited the genius of Dr. Robert C. Beck, DSc. The documentary weaves the wisdom of Bob Beck, the experience of health practitioners who use the program, and the individuals who took responsibility for their own health, by using the Beck Protocol.

In the second DVD, each part of the four steps of the Beck Protocol is featured—the simple technologies that apply microcurrents and pulsed magnetic fields as well as how to make ionic colloidal silver and ozonated water. Naturopathic physician, Dr. Eliezer Ben-Joseph, enlightens and entertains us with a wealth of experience using the Beck Protocol along with insights for health. A panel of three ask him key questions to help us with our use of this health program, the Beck Protocol.


Natural Heath Freedom with Ed Griffin

Ed Griffin, like many of us, assumed the best therapies for all diseases would be offered by the medical system. Ed’s viewpoint changed when a medical doctor asked him for help. The doctor’s license to practice medicine was being threatened by the American Medical Association (AMA) as he was using an unapproved therapy. The doctor found the treatment to be highly effective but it was unapproved. Ed Griffin discovered a world of corruption and control—a world that does not have the best interests of our health at heart. His discoveries led him to establish the Reality Zone and Freedom Force International to help educate us all.


Assault on Medical
Freedomwith Joe Lisa

Featuring an exclusive interview with Joe Lisa. As a private investigator, Joe was hired by an organization to infiltrate the offices of the American Medical Association (AMA) in order to discover if there was a plan to discredit certain health practices. He describes how he managed to gain access to the most secret files of the AMA offices in Chicago. Joe Lisa provides first-hand evidence of a conspiracy to stamp out natural health therapies. His book, published in 1994 by Hampton Roads Publishing company and titled, The Assault on Medical Freedom, is now only available through select second-hand bookstores. Ed Griffin, founder of Freedom Force International and Tim Bolen, author of the enews “Millions of Health Freedom Fighters,” are also featured to share the evidence they’ve uncovered.