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DVD Set: The Beck Protocol

A Health Program for Use at Home

This DVD set brings to life the discovery of the use of gentle electricity for health as well as offering a complete guide to the use of the Beck Protocol, a program for health.

The first DVD features a rare interview with Bob Beck, the genius who grasped the significance of a discovery at a major medical university in the US—a discovery that quickly disappeared after it was announced. Fortunately, news of the discovery ignited the genius of Dr. Robert C. Beck, DSc. The documentary weaves the wisdom of Bob Beck, the experience of health practitioners who use the program, and the individuals who took responsibility for their own health, by using the Beck Protocol.

DVD Beck Protocol

In the second DVD, each part of the four steps of the Beck Protocol is featured—the simple technologies that apply microcurrents and pulsed magnetic fields (PEMF) as well as how to make ionic colloidal silver and ozonated drinking water. Naturopathic physician, Dr. Eliezer Ben-Joseph, enlightens and entertains us with a wealth of experience using the Beck Protocol along with insights for health. A panel of three ask him key questions to help us with our use of this health program, the Beck Protocol.