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Bob Beck

Truly a man ahead of his time, Bob Beck recognized that the health challenges many people face can be addressed effortlessly and painlessly through some very basic technology.

Bob’s passionate devotion to truth and knowledge led to the creation of a simple-to-use system, which has come to be known the world over as "The Beck Protocol."

Filled with information about the Beck Protocol, the Brain Tuner, Articles, Videos, Science, FAQs and testimonials from the work of Bob Beck.

Explore the wealth of posted material related to the Beck Protocol and the Brain Tuner. Also discover articles and books about Bob Beck, transcripts of audios and videos featuring Bob, as well as articles and handbooks written by Bob.

My Light Therapy

LED Light Therapy is simple to use, non-invasive, with a long-standing history of therapeutic benefits. Light Therapy, in the form of LED Light, combines ancient wisdom with the best of today's technology. is a result of our quest for an understanding of LED Light Therapy. In bringing the website together, we've kept two goals in mind: to provide information in a clear and easy-to-understand manner; and to gather together in one place what you'll need to begin using your own LED Light Therapy product.

Today, enlightened people like you are rediscovering the potential of nature's 'healing light' and using it to enhance the quality of life.

Sharing Health

Abundant health is necessary to live a life with energy, enthusiasm and grace.

Recognizing the increasing threats to our health, we are constantly researching to discover the latest natural health discoveries and then experimenting with their effectiveness. We recognize accepting complete responsibility for our own health is the first step.

The second step is understanding that our body has the ability to heal itself if the elimination channels are working and if given the proper nutrients. We believe the Bob Beck Protocol, the Brain Tuner or Bio Tuner, and Infrared or Red LED Light Therapy helps us to restore wellness.

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