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We offer documentary DVDs and books to help each of us learn about natural health solutions and to present ideas for self-health. To allow healing we feel it is also necessary to protect our ability to use natural health solutions and keep our self-health choices. For this reason, we also feature threats to our natural health freedoms. Being aware of the threat to our natural health freedoms is a step to protect our natural health freedom.

Our documentaries and printed materials feature technologies based on the work of Bob Beck and the Beck Protocol with gentle currents of electricity and pulsed magnetic fields (PEMF). We publish Electricity for Health in the 21st Century as a self-health tool. This book makes it simpler to understand how our bodies function electrically and can, therefore, benefit from the Bob Beck Protocol.


Creating a healthier world … Naturally

Our passion is helping to inspire and create change to better our lives and our world using natural health solutions.

We have been researching and using natural health solutions for self-health since the early 1970s. While on this journey to discover simpler ways for health, we were at first shocked when we discovered our natural health freedoms were threatened. We discovered governments, associations and corporations were biased and not interested in allowing self-health modalities to become known. We were surprised to learn many in powerful positions actively work to limit our health freedom, our choices for self-health. Despite our initial shock, we recognize life is a spiritual journey and each of us experience opportunities to learn and grow.

We recognize life is a Spiritual Journey.

We understand that one of our wake-up calls on this journey is learning about how our money system, mainstream media and ultimately governments are controlled by those seeking to protect and maintain their power. Our journey has taught us to question and to look within ourselves for answers … and then as maverick physicist Bob Beck encouraged "Take Back Your Power."

DVD Health ProtocolDocumentaries revealing electricity
for self-health
… a natural health solution

Working in association with Bob Beck Legacy, we have produced a DVD set featuring Bob Beck, a maverick physicist who developed an easy-to-use protocol, for self-health based on the use of microcurrents. The Beck Protocol is a technology we can use at home, at work, at play.

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Dr. Robert C. Beck, DSc

Bob Beck Protocol

Features Bob Beck, the creator of the Beck Protocol or the Bob Beck Protocol. Learn about the Beck Protocol as health practitioners and individuals share their real-life experiences.

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Politics of Health

Natural Health Freedoms

Ed Griffin, founder of The Reality Zone and Freedom Force International reveals how he discovered the hidden control and corruption of regulations that limit our health freedoms.

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Politics of Health

Assault on Medical Freedom

Joe Lisa, private investigator and author of The Assault on Medical Freedom, shares first-hand knowledge of conspiracies within the American Medical Association (AMA).

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