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about the use of gentle electricity for health and the Bob Beck Protocol

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Electricity for Health in the 21st Century


Join the author on a fascinating journey of discovery … a journey that leads to an understanding of how our bodies function and keep us healthy.

How do gentle electrical currents boost our energy? How does a flow of electrons help the body heal itself? How does frequency, especially the frequencies of light and sound, benefit us?

Discover the answers in Electricity for Health in the 21st Century.

The Beck Protocol Handbook


After each lecture, Bob Beck had his papers available to those who attended. He wanted to be sure the information was readily available and he felt it was particularly important to share how to build the Bob Beck units.

Schematics and instructions for building the units that provide the body with microcurrents, pulsed magnetic fields (PEMF), ionic colloidal silver and ozonated drinking water are included in the Beck Protocol Handbook.

The Handbook is also available in print.

Politics in Science and Medicine


From the lobbyists that push the adgenda of big pharma, to the setting of curriculum at medical schools, deciding what research gets funded and which research gets quashed and more – politics play a large role in our health options.

The Politics in Science and Medicine offers a fascinating history of how the current medical model for health came to be.